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Affordable airport transfer

Carrot Cars will take you from and to the airport in the blink of an eye at a reasonable price.

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Cheap, clean, reliable minicabs!

Carrot Cars drives the best cars at the best price. It’s a bargain for those casual trips around the town.

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Stop waiting

Stop waiting for something that may not be coming. Dial 0207 005 0557 for Carrot Cars so you're not left waiting.

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QSI awrds Bronze 2017
BIA Wharf awards winner 2016 customer service excellence
QSI awards 2016 finalist
London Transport Awards: Taxi & Private Hire Operator of the Year 2015

Recent News

Move Over Uber - London's Newest Minicab App

4th April 2016

Everyone who catches minicabs in London knows about Uber. The minicab hailing app has become very popular over the last few years in the capital and looks like it is here to stay. Over the last year however it appears to have acquired a type of Marmite style ‘love it or hate it’ feel among consumers. With news stories of over-charging customers, passenger safety and security fears, what alternatives are out there?

Carrot Cars is pleased to announce its new app with all the functionality of Uber but also many more improvements.

10% OFF FOR EVERYONE!!London's Best Taxi App

Did we mention that we are giving 10% OFF our standard fares for everyone that books using the Carrot Cars App? That’s 10% off every journey; not just your first journey but every journey! No codes or terms and conditions, just 10% off our standard fares every time you book using the Carrot Cars App.

Book Now or Later

Uber only allows its customers to book a journey at the exact moment that they require it. Carrot Cars on the other hand, allows you to pre-book your journey, days or weeks or months in advance. Why run the risk of waking up at 5am to get to the airport, only to find out there are no cars available. With the Carrot Cars app, your car will be waiting outside for you, ready to get you to the airport on time for your flight.

Pay Cash, Card or Account

With the Carrot Cars App, you can choose whether you want to pay for your journey with cash or card or if you have a Carrot Cars Business Account, add the journey to your monthly invoice. Its simple! Also, say you want to book a car for yourself to go home but your friends ask you to book them a car home too, you can book this at the same time, pay yours with your stored card details and choose theirs to be paid by cash once they arrive at their destination. They can even choose to pay by card at the end of the journey as well. Magic!

Store Multiple Cards

So you don’t have a Carrot Cars Business Account yet but you want to pay for some of your journeys using your personal card and some using your work expenses card? Not a problem. With the Carrot Cars App you have the option to store multiple debit and credit cards and you just choose which one you want to pay with at the time of booking.

Know the Cost of Your Journey

Because Carrot Cars is a London based minicab company, we have always played fair when it comes to the rules and regulations made by TFL. This means that you will always be quoted a price for the journey you are booking and, unless you decide to change the journey in some way, that will be the price you pay. It does not matter which route the driver takes or how long you are in the car, the price you are quoted is the price you will pay. There is NO METER. There is NO SURGE PRICING. Just fair prices, all the time, every time.

So download the Carrot Cars App for FREE today from the App Store or Google Play Store and check out the best alternative to Uber. Cheap, clean, reliable minicabs providing the service that London deserves.

London's Best Taxi App   London's Best Taxi App