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Carrot Cars will take you from and to the airport in the blink of an eye at a reasonable price.

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Carrot Cars drives the best cars at the best price. It’s a bargain for those casual trips around the town.

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Stop waiting

Stop waiting for something that may not be coming. Dial 0207 005 0557 for Carrot Cars so you're not left waiting.

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QSI awrds Bronze 2017
BIA Wharf awards winner 2016 customer service excellence
QSI awards 2016 finalist
London Transport Awards: Taxi & Private Hire Operator of the Year 2015

We all scream for ice cream

Hey, did you know? There are beans that naturally taste like ice cream. The Inga Edulis tree produces pods of beans that are coated in an edible soft flesh that is said to taste like vanilla ice cream. However to celebrate world ice cream day on Sunday 15th July you can grab some real ice cream to stave off the summer heat. London has a huge amount of ice cream parlours to choose from. Here's a few we like. 

Gelatorino in Covent Garden is undoubtedly one of the very best ice cream parlours in London. With a selection of hand made ice creams from over 60 flavours in their arsenal there's something for everyone. The ice cream is made in traditional Italian churners right in front of your eyes in the store every day so you can come in and feast your eyes as well as your stomach.  

With multiple locations in Central London an Amorino boutique is always just around a corner. If you don't mind the lack of a full sit down boutique experience you can also find their stall in the Stratford Westfield shopping centre. Accommodatingly serving you as many flavours as you can fit in any of their pots or cones. Order one of their flower cones and you'll be served any combination of flavours in a delectable rose shape that'll be a treat for you and your Instagram.  

If all this dairy cream is a little much for you, it might be a very good idea to check out Greedy Goat in Borough Market Fridays through Saturdays. Serving ice creams made from goats milk it's the perfect solution for those with a lactose intolerance or simply looking for a healthier treat as goats milk is lower in fat and calorie count. All locally made and sourced from a family farm in Essex, Greedy goat makes for a great healthier and sustainable treat.  

Goat's milk is great and all but if you want completely guilt free ice cream experience you need to check out Yorica in Soho. Serving up a storm of delicious free-from frozen treats. That means gluten free, nut free, egg free, non dairy completely vegan  and all delicious deserts.  

If you need a lift after your ice cream feast give us a call or use our mobile app for a smooth ride home in one of our air conditioned cars to help your ice cream cool last longer.