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Affordable airport transfer

Carrot Cars will take you from and to the airport in the blink of an eye at a reasonable price.

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Cheap, clean, reliable minicabs!

Carrot Cars drives the best cars at the best price. It’s a bargain for those casual trips around the town.

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Stop waiting

Stop waiting for something that may not be coming. Dial 0207 005 0557 for Carrot Cars so you're not left waiting.

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QSI awrds Bronze 2017
BIA Wharf awards winner 2016 customer service excellence
QSI awards 2016 finalist
London Transport Awards: Taxi & Private Hire Operator of the Year 2015

Please hug me right meow!

Hey, did you know? June 4th is international Hug Your Cat day. Your cat gives you a hug when you get home at the end of the day. During studies of feral cats it has been observed that after not seeing each other for a long time they will rub against each other and wrap their tails over each other’s backs. This behaviour is like a human hug and domestic cats do it too. When your cat rubs up against your legs when you get home it’s essentially saying – Welcome back, I’ve missed you.

We’re sure all of you who already own cats appreciate and hug them on a regular basis. For the rest of us on the prowl for a feline friend here’s a couple great options in the vicinity.

Celia Hammond Animal Trust (CHAT) has a branch in Canning Town. CHAT provides care and shelter for felines that would have a difficult time finding refuge elsewhere based on temperament, age or appearance. Because of this they are often in need of eager owners-to-be with an open heart. CHAT also provides low cost veterinary services for anyone who would otherwise have difficulty paying for a private practice. Check out the cats currently awaiting a new home on their website.

Very aptly named for the occasion Catcuddles is a small charity network of volunteer fosterers that look after cats in their homes temporarily until a permanent owner can be found. Check out how you can support Catcuddles or browse through the cats currently needing a home on their website.

For those not quite ready for the long term commitment of taking a pet home there’s always Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium cat café. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea in the great company of cats. Lady Dinah’s is nestled in Bethnal Green and quite popular so booking in advance is required. Have a look at their current café resident cats and you’ll be aching for a cuddle in no time.

Whether you need to bring your new cuddly friend home or for a quick check up at the vet Carrot Cars can give you a lift. Just make sure you tick the pet section in the extras on our website or app or give us a call to make sure we send you a pet friendly car.