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Affordable airport transfer

Carrot Cars will take you from and to the airport in the blink of an eye at a reasonable price.

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Cheap, clean, reliable minicabs!

Carrot Cars drives the best cars at the best price. It’s a bargain for those casual trips around the town.

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Stop waiting

Stop waiting for something that may not be coming. Dial 0207 005 0557 for Carrot Cars so you're not left waiting.

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QSI awrds Bronze 2017
BIA Wharf awards winner 2016 customer service excellence
QSI awards 2016 finalist
London Transport Awards: Taxi & Private Hire Operator of the Year 2015

Are your jokes as sharp as your pencil?

Hey, did you know? August 16th is "tell a joke" day. We all think we're funny but do you have the chops to have an audience in stitches? Sharpen your wits like an artisanally sharpened pencil and be ready to take notes from the pros.  

The most mundane topics are often the best resource for comedy due to how widely relatable they are to a lot of people. Learn from the master of the mundane David Rees and study the minute intricacies of the art of sharpening pencils in his seminal exposition on the subject "How to sharpen pencils: A practical & theoretical treatise on the artisanal craft of pencil sharpening for writers, artists, contractors, flange turners, anglesmiths & civil servants". You will laugh, you will cry, but most importantly, despite the absurdity, you will learn the correct way to sharpen a pencil. And for those so transfixed with their new found passion for pencils to the point of a desire to consume them there's a handy appendix of wines that taste similar to pencils. You're welcome.  

Put your pencil to paper and test your wits with a live audience as a culmination for a Stand Up Comedy course at London City Academy. Learn to deal with hecklers, develop your personal comedy style and most importantly get professional and audience feedback for your material. Classes start at 7PM in the evening so they won't clash with most work schedules and you'll be ready to rock the office with laughs the next day.  

If you're a real comedy nerd, to continue to keep your comedy spirits high and take inspirations from the masters hold on to Judd Apatow's "Sick in the head: Conversations about life and comedy" at all times. This collection of interviews and stories from the biggest names in comedy will entertain, motivate  and keep your creative juices flowing. Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Martin, Sarah Silverman, Luis C.K. and many more share candid stories that you'll never hear in any TV interview.  

Once you giggled yourself and everyone around off their feet or simply need a lift to the nearest comedy club give us a call. Better yet try our mobile app and get 10% off all journeys booked on the app.